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Moving forward

I was kind of stuck in a holding pattern with Microsoft’s secretive pre-release silliness, but now that Windows Phone 8 is out in the world, and I have a device, I can cracking on this book and, hopefully, get chapters pumped out more quickly.

If you’re not familiar with what’s happening with Windows Phone 8, please refer to my Windows Phone page on the SuperSite for Windows. I’ve been cranking out the content, which is great on one level, but it’s also left me with less time to work on the book. This will resolve myself as my current travel mania comes to a close (I’m on the road between October 25 and November 7) and all the launch hoopla dies down.

What we’re left with is this: I’m more excited about Windows Phone than I’ve ever been, and I’m the original Windows Phone fan, in many ways. Windows Phone 8 is a stellar achievement and is decidedly superior to the iPhone and Android competition. But then that’s always been true. What’s changed this time is that Windows Phone 8 picks up the Windows 8 core, which is huge. And we finally have devices like the HTC Windows Phone 8X, that are not just competitive to the iPhone from a build and quality standpoint, but are in fact superior. It’s an exciting time to be a Windows Phone fan.

Anyway, while I have in fact done a bit of work on the next chapter (“Messaging”), I probably won’t be able to pick up a reasonable pace on the book again until I get home mid-next week. I’ll try, regardless. But if it’s slow around here it’s just because of what’s happening elsewhere with Windows Phone 8.

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