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More TOC changes

I post too quickly. :)

After hitting "Save" on that last post, I figured out a few other ways to change consolidate the TOC. (And oddly, I expanded it in one way as well.)

This time, I've cut it down to 20 chapters and combined further. Personalization and Sharing are no longer separate chapters but are now covered in the introduction to Metro chapter. The previous separate Getting Started and Understanding Your New Phone sections are just one section, Getting Started, with three chapters.  I moved the migrating from iOS and Android chapter to the very end since it's almost an appendix type thing.

As for that addition: I'm going to cover Nokia apps in the utility apps chapter since so many Windows Phone 8 users will have Nokia devices and many of them are excellent and platform differentiators.

OK. I'll stop tweaking the TOC for a while. Getting to the 20 chapter point was somehow satisfying. I will renumber and repost the current chapters and Book soon.

The new TOC...

Getting Started

1. Why Windows Phone? Include Choosing the Right Handset

2. Windows Phone and Accounts

3. Metro: The Windows Phone User Experience – Include personalization and sharing

More Than a Phone

4. You and Your Friends: Me and the People Hub

5. Phone, Skype and VoIP

6. Messaging

7. Bing Search and Maps

8. Windows Phone Store and Apps

Productivity Apps

9. Email

10. Calendar

11. Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer

12. Office + OneNote

13. Windows Phone Utility Apps – Microsoft and Nokia

Entertainment and Games

14. Music, Videos, and Podcasts

15. Photos – Camera, Photos hub

16. Games

Taking It to the Next Level

17. Integrating with PCs and devices

18. Security and Networking – Includes Kid’s Corner and Wallet

19. Windows Phone at Work: Business Features

20. Migrating from Android or iOS

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Reader Comments (2)

How about renaming the chapters to do with hubs, Paul. For example put the phrase "People Hub" as the first two words followed by a snappy description

December 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaul of Oz

I have always found it ironic that the making of phone calls is rarely discussed in detail. I happen to use my lumia for business and have noticed many inefficiencies compared to my old iphone. There is no way to pin or bookmark a single number for a contact. One can create contact lists, but clicking a persons name all their numbers. Pinning a contact to the screen also brings up a page. Non of the apps in the Store seem to make such a task very simple. Windows Phone is usually fast and fluid but making phones calls a circuitous path. It seems as if they wanted to show off the expansive fluid GUI more that making it data dense and fast. I am at a loss why no one has complained about this. I guess the phone is the least used feature of Windows Phone. They should return the name to Windows Mobile instead of Phone.

December 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

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