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TOC changes

After finishing the rough first draft of the PC Integration chapter yesterday, I took at a look at the table of contents (TOC) to figure out what to write next. My goal is to write a few of the shorter chapters first, just to churn through "more" of the TOC, if that makes sense, and make some progress. But I've been thinking that much of what I've written is perhaps too comprehensive and that if I want this to be less than 1000 pages long, I need to think seriously about cutting back across the board. I need to write less, and get this done more quickly.

I will likely revisit the first chapters I've written with that in mind. But before doing that, I figured I'd look at the TOC and see if there any obvious places to cut. Serendipitously, the Kid's Corner and Security and Networking chapters could clearly be combined, so I removed the old Chapter 22 (about Kid's Corner) and made a note to myself to cover that in the old Chapter 24 (Security and Networking). This means that the PC Integration chapter is now Chapter 22, and the revised TOC looks like this:

Getting Started

1. Why Windows Phone?

2. Choosing the Right Handset

3. Windows Phone and Accounts

4. Migrating from Android or iOS

Understanding Your New Phone

5. Metro: The Windows Phone User Experience

6. Personalizing Windows Phone

7. Sharing with Others

More Than a Phone

8. You and Your Friends: Me and the People Hub

9. Phone, Skype and VoIP

10. Messaging

11. Bing Search and Maps

12. Wallet

13. Windows Phone Store and the Apps Ecosystem

Productivity Apps

14. Email

15. Calendar

16. Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer

17. Office + OneNote

18. Windows Phone Utility Apps

Entertainment and Games

19. Music, Videos, and Podcasts

20. Photos – Camera, Photos hub

21. Games

Taking It to the Next Level

22. Integrating with PCs and devices

23. Security and Networking – Includes Kid’s Corner

24. Windows Phone at Work: Business Features

That's not a big cut. So I'll continue looking at ways to cut back and make the book more manageable, not just for me while writing it but for future readers.  (Maybe Chapters 1 and 2 are combined, for example. In fact, yeah. I'll do that next.)

More soon.

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Can any one else find this? U like what has been created I have more

December 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMUzik

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