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Phone 0.1

Here’s a first peek at the Phone chapter for Windows Phone Book. This first version offers a look at the chapter contents and includes a few finished sections.

Hopefully, this chapter will be more straightforward (and shorter) than the People + Me chapter. So far, that appears to be the case.

I’ve written the sections Understand the Phone app, Manually dial a phone number, Call a contact, and Access your voice mail (which includes several subsections).

The only possible sticking point now involves how deeply to cover “hands free” phone use, with Bluetooth and possibly non-Bluetooth headsets. I guess I’ll figure that out when I get to it.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Phone 0.1 (11 page PDF, 1.13 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.038 (405 page PDF, 24.7 MB)


First Draft of People + Me Chapter is Complete

The People + Me chapter for Windows Phone Book is now complete in first draft form. This version of the chapter adds the section about Me, finally, finishing up one of the longer chapters in the book.

Frankly, I consider this chapter something of a setback. I started working on it weeks ago and was sidetracked for a variety of reasons (Boston terrorist attack, work travel), and it’s evolved into one of the longest chapters in the book, certainly the longest of the chapters I’ve written since the switchover to a task-based approach. I had hoped that this new approach would result in shorter chapters that could be written more quickly, and while that was true of the previous few chapters, it wasn’t for this one.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I blew through some of the content in the Me section (and dropped a perhaps-not-superfluous section about the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter apps.) I’ll be revisiting that later, but at this point I just want to move on.

Likewise, there is a weirdness with the headings in the chapter where the complexity/breadth of the content required H4 headings; I’d like to keep to just H1, H2, and H3 headings, and have a plan to do that, so there will be at least one more post-first draft chapter version. I may just roll that into the wider book document, but we’ll see.

For now, it’s time to look at other chapters and getting to the finish line. I’ve started a bit of Chapter 2, The Windows Phone User Experience, and will likely peck away at that over time, but I think I’m going to write Chapter 6, Phone, next.

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.

Download People + Me 0.7 (59 page PDF, 5.09 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.037 (395 page PDF, 24.1 MB)


People + Me 0.6

This is a fairly major update to the People + Me chapter for Windows Phone Book. This update completes the big part of the chapter, which is about contacts management.

This update includes the complete, first draft sections about Groups and Rooms, and significantly ups the page count of the chapter, partially because of screenshots, but also because Rooms, in particular, required a lot of text to explain. Part of the goal of the task-based approach is to have shorter chapters, but this one is spinning out of control. I’m not sure what I can do to change that, so I may have to just accept that this is a big topic.

Next up, I’ll fill out the section about “Me,” which is the special feature of the People hub that lets you post to and check up on your social networking accounts.

More soon. As always, any feedback is appreciated.

Download People + Me 0.6 (53 page PDF, 4.41 MB)

Download Windows Phone Book 0.036 (389 page PDF, 23.4 MB)


People + Me 0.4

Here’s another update to the People + Me chapter for Windows Phone Book. Like the previous updates, this one focuses on the section about the People hub, the Windows Phone contact management system.

There are a number of changes in this update.

I had to move some sections around so that the “flow” made more sense. Previously the “Interact with a contact” section was before the coverage of the global What’s New functionality, but those were reversed.

I wrote sections such as See what’s new with all of your contacts (including filtering the What’s New list, read and comment on posts, and “like” a post), Share a contact, See what’s new with a contact, See a contact’s photos, and View your communications history with a contact.

I also blocked out, but did not write, partial sections for the Groups and Rooms features, which I had previously left out by mistake.

Download People + Me 0.4

Download Windows Phone Book 0.034


People + Me 0.3

Here's a quick and dirty update to the People + Me chapter in Windows Phone Book. This one adds three sections and expands a previously written section. I've also added a note to add content about the Rooms and Groups features.

This is a smaller update than usual, but I've been in a bit of a funk for a few days and wanted to get something out there. This one adds the sections Add a new contact, Edit a contact, and Customize People. I also filled out the View a contact card section, renaming it  to View a contact card and reach out to that person, and added  links to relevant chapters.

I also realized belatedly that I didn't really have a place to cover the Rooms and Groups feature. I added a note to myself about that and will layout the relevant section(s) this week.

More soon. Feedback, as always, is appreciated.

Download People + Me 0.3

Download Windows Phone Book 0.033